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You want things to change, right?

If you are seeking training, you probably want something to be different. You want to strengthen the strengths, or move the needle. You want to bring people together, or make something stop. We get it! In our training programs, we IGNITE change by providing just the right combination of inspiration and powerful skill development. In every training course, we aim to build personal accountability and commitment, strengthen positive habits of interaction, and foster trust and teamwork. The result? Participants who are ready, willing and eager to make change that sticks.

Below are descriptions of some of our most popular training courses.

Leadership Transformation: EVOLVE

We all know that in order to be truly effective as a leader, we must commit to learning and growing. In this 10-month training series, we help leaders TRULY COMMIT to developing, practicing and integrating the skills they need to lead authentically, make a positive impact on their team, and contribute powerfully to the workplace culture.

The series begins with self-discovery and developmental planning; progresses through powerful team leadership skills; and ends with a capstone experience that extends organizational impact. 

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Coaching for Excellence

Learning to coach may be the single most important skill a people-leader can develop. Learning to engage in structured, curious, supportive conversations are KEY to fostering connection, engagement, and RESULTS. Are YOU a Coach? As a leader, mentor or manager, you can improve your impact and influence. In this course we learn and practice effective coaching, goal setting, and development conversations, along with addressing the underlying motivations and supports necessary to cultivate behavior change. Train all your managers to use this skill, and it will improve your organizational culture and engagement. 

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Building a High-Trust Workplace

Patterns of disrespect can devolve into much more serious issues like harassment, hostility, and workplace violence. This course fundamentally shifts participants' approach to one participants' approach to one another by helping them understand communication dynamics, reframe and re-orient the perceptual biases that fuel divisiveness and defensiveness, and build each person's ability to address issues respectfully, directly, compassionately and in a timely manner. Empower your staff to build the High-Trust Workplace that we all want! 

Coming Fall of 2019

Facilitative Leadership

If you lead groups – in meetings, on projects, or in events or trainings, you ARE a facilitative leader. Your goal is to INSPIRE a shared vision, ENGAGE all group members, solve wicked problems, and move the needle. 

Your ability to lead a group hinges on three things: Your ability to design a powerful and outcome driven agenda or event; your ability to use the right process at the right time to get the right result; and your ability to balance the complexities of personality, conflict, power and trust. You need these skills. 

Coming Fall of 2019


How many hours are your employees wasting in ho-hum, ineffective training courses? IT DOESN'T HAVE TO BE THAT WAY!

Trainers and facilitators, learn to design high-impact, TRANSFORMATIONAL workshops that WOW your audience, get results, build trust, and ignite a demand for your services! Your Amazing Trainer reputation should precede you, so that your classes are full, and your audience is primed for learning.

In this course, you'll master the training course design process so that every class you teach will be more dynamic and transformational. 

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Need something else? 

Here are a few more of our most popular titles…

  • Effective Performance Management
  • Delegating for Development
  • Motivating Others
  • Handling Difficult Conversations
  • Customer Service Essentials
  • HERO Service
  • Powerful Presentation Skills
  • Everyday Project Management
  • Building a Positive Workplace
  • Leading Change
  • Inspiring and Influencing Others
  • Emotionally Intelligent Leadership
And Many More!
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