Making Your (Virtual) Meetings Matter

Coming in 2021

A short and focused course that helps you save massive amounts of time by designing and leading better virtual meetings.

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Zoom, zoom, zoom! Did you know that since the beginning of the COVID pandemic, the time we spend in meetings has doubled!?

This is NOT good news when most of that meeting time is unfocused and unproductive, and does NOT lead to meaningful change. Besides, the way we interact in meetings is a key component when it comes to building trust, creating clarity and accountability, making good decisions, and being productive!

This course will provide the meeting design tools and structure to make every one of your meetings more effective and productive.

Design a highly-engaging and focused meeting.

Lead your meetings with dynamism!

Follow-up in a timely manner to ensure that work gets done.

"We attend a lot of meetings in my company, and we were not very good at staying on task and getting things done before! Now we know how to get more people engaged so that we are hearing from the right people at the right time. Learning just one of the things covered in this class- like how to design an outcome-centered meeting- was more than worth the price of admission!"

Director of Marketing

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If your organization wants to THRIVE, pay attention to what is happening in your meetings, and design MEETINGS THAT MATTER!

In this 3-hour, full-participation workshop, we provide skills, tools and practice key concepts using break-out rooms. Participants will…

Articulate the key differences between a well-run meeting and a poorly run meeting. Save time by identifying when NOT to meet.

Be more efficient by identifying the outcome you want, limiting your scope, and constructing the proper guest list so that you don’t have to do it twice!

Review the essentials for a strong meeting structure–Outcome, Process and Relationships– and discuss how to achieve great outcomes in a virtual environment.

Receive a template for inviting participants to your meeting that makes it more likely they will accept the invitation, arrive on time, and be ready for collaborative action!

Receive and review a meeting design template.

Learn tips for facilitating a meeting and keeping it on-track and on-time. You’ll receive an “Effective Meetings Checklist” that will help you design and lead better meetings, every time!


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