Setting and Achieving Goals

A highly-interactive class designed to get you focused on what matters most, and how to bring it to life with your team.

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Our brains are wired for achievement.

It feels great to know we are making progress toward something meaningful. But far too often, goals are fuzzy and ill-defined, and they don't serve the purpose of inspiring and energizing our teams. This class aims to change that!

This course will help you lead the way to higher productivity!

Participants will learn how to:

Find the RIGHT Goals.

Make them clear and powerful.

Engage your team and make it happen!

"I didn’t realize how hard it must have been for my team to get engaged in our goals! They have been unclear and not very meaningful. Now I feel prepared to set better goals, make them SMART, engage my team, and get more done!"

HR Benefits Manager

Come to this interactive course to…

Reconnect your mission and values to current priorities.

Understand how cascading goals support alignment and reduce time wasted.

Write a powerful goal for yourself or your team- and make it SMART.

Break your goal into milestones, deliverables and action plans.

Make a plan to bring this system to your team.


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