Project Management for the Rest of Us

Coming in 2021

This 2-part virtual course uses a fun case-study format to prepare and empower participants to use the key skills of project managers in everyday circumstances.

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Think of the last project YOU engaged with. Was it a success? Did the team work seamlessly? Did you use your time efficiently and follow a consistent process?

Probably Not. Most of us muddle our way through projects when in fact we could be saving time, money (and relationships!) if we would simply learn and follow a process with our teams. In fact, key project management skills and vocabulary would be very helpful for MOST of us to have, but it can be overwhelming to engage in full project management training.

Many of us are not formal Project Managers, but much of our work is project-based.

We need a set of skills that helps us launch a project, identify our stakeholders, and manage the project with a team. This class will introduce those basic skills, using a fun, interactive case-study format. Specifically, participants will…

Understand what constitutes a “project” and differentiate it from “routine” work.

Understand the roles and responsibilities associated with projects and how to be a good project leader.

Determine who the customer is and identify customer and stakeholder needs through interviews.

Review project scope, determine risks, and develop a risk mitigation plan.

Create a stakeholder “map” and communication plan to guide successful and consistent communication with all stakeholders and ensure project success.

Lay out a project plan together using an interactive process called “swim lanes" and sticky notes.

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If your organization wants to THRIVE and gain new project management skills, this is the course for you.

"Project Management for the Rest of Us is an invaluable pathway to improve nearly all aspects of our core business. If you're ready to leap forward in the areas of time management, stakeholder and sponsor engagement, communications, project scoping and employee development (yes, that too!), this course is for you. "

Director of Human Resources

Those who succesfully complete this course will be able to…

Organize their work more efficiently and transfer what that they learn to real-work situations.

Deliver projects on-time and within budget with less stress!

Be proactive about identifying needs, making a plan and managing changes when they arise.


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