Cultivating a Learning Culture and Leading Change

A short and highly interactive course that helps you create a culture of innovation.

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In times of stress, our brains become focused and hyper-diligent.

While these qualities definitely serve us on occasion, they must be balanced with the open, receptive, creative and free-flowing thinking patterns that allow us to learn and grow together, and be agile rather than reactive.

This course will provide leaders with a step-by-step guide for initiating, guiding, and sustaining change!

Learn how to assess the “safety” of your culture.

Review a road map for leading change.

Practice simple strategies for making change stick.

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If your organization wants to learn how to create an INNOVATIVE culture, this is the course for you.

"This class helped me understand the small things I can do immediately that will increase the effectiveness of my change efforts. Sure, there are some bigger changes I’ll make in my process, but I don’t have to wait. I’m going to start right now."

Operations Manager

In this course, you will…

  • Understand the leader behaviors that cultivate a “learning culture” for your team

  • Learn to apply “learning loops” and “after action review” processes with your team to prepare for success

  • Make a plan to avoid 3 treacherous pitfalls that change leaders routinely make

  • Consider ways to "hard wire” the positive lessons your team has learned lately

  • Plan a recognition strategy that supports learning and growth


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