Building a High-Trust Workplace

Trust is at the heart of healthy relationships. It allows us to "show up" fully, take risks, make mistakes, learn, and grow. Trust can also make or break our experience at work. 

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Are you suffering in a LOW-TRUST workplace?

Here are some signs… Gossip • rumors • silos • us-vs-them alliances • low engagement • lack of energy • problems without solutions • information hoarding • conflicting priorities • redundancy • politics • contradictions • lack of clarity • useless rules • unworkable systems

Sound familiar?


When LOW-TRUST goes unaddressed, it robs us of energy, joy and fulfillment!

Imagine how much better life would be if you felt excited about your work, connected to your team, and proud of your outcomes! 

Take Charge of Creating Healthy Relationships and Building TRUST!

Build a Vocabulary for Trust

Until we really understand the dynamics of trust, it's difficult to know how to fix it. You'll develop a vocabulary for trust so that you can name the problem and begin to find solutions. 

Identify Patterns That Keep You Stuck

The untold story is that we are "wired" for both connection and for defensiveness. Learn to overcome negative tendencies so that you don't activate a diminishing cycle of trust. 

Learn to Take Positive Action

Learn specific tools and strategies for becoming  more trustworthy and trusting. Learn to activate a virtuous cycle of trust, so that your experience of work will improve.

"This class will help you remove negative judgments and perceptions about your colleagues, listen with an open, active ear, and seek to understand another person's experience without taking on what is not yours to own."

Supervisor, Class Participant

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"This is powerful training that will greatly impact our workplace. It needs to be implemented ASAP. I know it will take time; it will be well worth the effort. "

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You might be wondering…

Of course!  As with all communication-based skills, you'll need to put it into action in order to get the most out of it. But learning concepts and tools from videos allows you to go back to the course over and over again – as many times as you need to– in order to understand the concepts, refresh your memory, and get motivated once again! You'll also have access to worksheets that will support your practice.  

This is frustrating! We often feel that it's the other person who needs to change, but getting someone else to change their behavior is TOUGH. In this class, we start with YOU. You'll learn how to identify trust breaking behaviors, and (most importantly) you'll learn what YOU can do to respond in a healthy, trust BUILDING manner. 

Adding POWER to trust breaking behaviors makes these waters even more difficult to navigate. Also, you may not feel like you have many choices– but in this course, I will encourage you to think about the choices you DO have, and to do what you CAN do to reclaim your personal power and work with the situation in a way that feels healthy to you. 

If you are the leader, and you are having trouble with your team, then I advise having your whole team watch this program, and then utilizing some of the team lessons in the course. This video course will provide some common vocabulary and basic background for all of you, and it will give you a foundation to work with. AND- if you need more help, call us to talk about our LIVE class options. 

There's great benefit in keeping trust at the forefront of the conversation on any team! Start here and learn more about the dynamics of trust, or CONTACT US to discuss how we can work with your team LIVE. 

Trust is at the heart of SO MANY issues, but of course, the problem could be something else. Ask yourself: Am I able to talk with the other person (or people) in a way that helps us actually solve a problem? If you are having trouble working through the issues, then you probably have a trust problem. If you're still unsure, CONTACT US and we can talk it through with you. 

It takes time, effort, and consistency to re-build trust once it's broken. And, let's be honest, sometimes the relationship simply cannot be salvaged. BUT- In this class you will learn what you CAN do to take care of yourself, see the problem more objectively, and make purposeful choices about how to proceed. 

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In this course you'll learn the concepts and skills you need to develop greater TRUST in your life, improve your relationships, and build a high-trust workplace!


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