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Re-opening in Summer of 2021
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The world has fundamentally changed.

Teams are dispersed, budgets are shrinking, and we need to adapt quickly to survive and thrive. Do your managers have the know-how to tackle the challenges ahead? Are they poised and ready to lead in 2021?

LX EVOLVE prepares Leaders

What is LX EVOLVE? It's year-long professional development and networking program that brings leaders from multiple organizations together for monthly competency-based skill-building. LX EVOLVE empowers leaders—both seasoned and emerging—to LEAD with clarity, consistency and connection!

Become the leader you want to be.

LX EVOLVE helps people-leaders to…

Ignite the genius of their team.

Structure work to increase impact.

Strengthen accountability and engagement.

Here's How It Works…

  • Once a month, we meet for a LIVE half-day workshop (virtually), to learn the skills and frameworks people-leaders need to foster high-performing teams in a virtual world. (All workshops will be recorded and available in a private library for the full year.)
  • Attendees are invited to attend Discussion Forums and Practice Sessions throughout the month, to strengthen understanding of the content and practice new skills. 
  • An ever-expanding toolkit of job aids, guides and frameworks helps attendees put their skills to work immediately.  
  • Bonus videos, special focus-discussion forums, and guest speakers addressing hot topics round out an amazing year of learning!
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The Content: Month-by-Month

We’ve customized a series of our most sought-after training topics to support your supervisors and managers as they lead your organization in this “new normal.” From PRIORITIZATION to PROBLEM-SOLVING, and CONFLICT to COLLABORATION, we’ve curated these competency-based trainings into a year-long professional development course that will transform your organization.

Welcome! Let's Get Started.

Program launch! Take a leadership assessment, set professional goals, meet your peers, identify your internal stakeholders and partners, get a tour of the portal, and make a plan to get the most from this program.

Welcome! Better Late Than Never?

This "extra" class is for people who wanted to enroll, but could not attend the January 21 Launch. (It's like a "do-over.") We'll cover the same ground as on January 21. Look to the left for what to expect. So glad you made it!

The High-Impact Leader

In this session, we learn about leadership credibility--how to build it, and how NOT to break it. We also cover foundational communication skills (candor, caring and continuous feedback) that support a high-functioning team culture.

Igniting Engagement

Understanding engagement and motivation is at the core of effective leadership. This month, we assess our own motives, and provide leaders with an exercise to take back to their teams to deepen understanding and stimulate new levels of engagement.

Making Meetings Work

The central unit of teamwork is the MEETING! Today we learn to develop a purpose-driven agenda, and we share standard agendas for brainstorming, choice framing, decision-making, problem solving and resolving conflict that will improve your team effectiveness.

Prioritize & Plan

Setting the right priorities means getting the right things done. This month we discuss how to determine "most important" priorities, how to involve your team in crafting goals and plans, and how to align plans across the organization. 

Work the Plan

This month, we work on how to manage the hurdles that undoubtedly arise as you execute your well-structured plans. How to work with stakeholders, provide the right information to the right people, at the right time, and keep things moving forward are key topics.


This month, we focus on deepening connections between concepts and demonstrate how clear priorities and work plans, coupled with candor, compassion and data, can build a powerful team culture and overcome most common challenges.

Delegating & Directing

High Impact leaders need to understand the difference between directing and delegating, and how and when to use both. In this class we will introduce and utilize discussion planners that will make every direction and delegation more effective.

Accountability-Based Coaching

Coaching is a key skill that high-impact leaders use to build commitment, confidence and accountability. In this class, we learn and practice the GROW model, with an emphasis on the power of appreciation and recognition.

Having High-Stakes Conversations

At the end of the day, one of a leaders’ least favorite activities is always having a high-stakes conversation regarding performance. In this class, we deliver a step-by-step discussion planner that will become your go-to for every difficult interaction.

Leading Change

Change is constant. Leaders must be proactive and inspiring, and must engage their teams in laying out plans that measure change all along the way. We introduce an 8-step model that will be your guide through the most challenging changes. 

Closing Ceremony & Celebration!

In this year-end meeting, we review key concepts, celebrate the successes and changes our participants have made, and prepare our leaders to continue their development journey.

This REALLY WORKS! Participants say:

"Every single class gave me something specific and tangible that I could take back to work and use the very next day. Totally engaging!"

-Karen C.
Program Director,
State Rehabilitation Services

"Years later, and I’m STILL benefitting from the skills I learned in Claire’s Leadership Program. It was life-changing on both personal and professional levels, and I’m deeply grateful."

-Lisa E.
Client Manager,

"The training that Claire and the MRG team provides is top rate and an incredible value! I’ve paid four times as much for training that wasn’t half as good."

-Michelle D.
Community College

You might be thinking..

  • It may seem like a long time but consider this: 2021 will pass with or without your commitment to improvement. Where do you want to be in one year? Still dealing with the same issues and problems--or benefiting from fundamentally better leadership?
  • Change takes time and focus. And…it’s only one half-day training per month (recorded for convenience), with optional discussion forums and practice sessions.
  • Leaders can dig in and make massive change with this kind of support and focus.  
  • This is REAL transformation to help BUILD your internal capabilities.
  • Your high-potential leaders are worth the investment!
  • Think of it this way…If you save yourself from just ONE or TWO investigations, you can train an entire group of 20 leaders and save yourself and MANY others from immense heartache!
  • We acknowledge that the budget situation does feel a little grim… but think about your employees. They may be worried about stability, and are likely stressed.
  • Investing in them sends a BIG message about your commitment, keeps your high-potentials engaged and growing, and it creates forward momentum.
  • We also encourage you to think of this not as a “spend,” but as an investment. 

Internal classes are convenient and can be customized, but they are also expensive and without some focused internal support, often don't result in significant real change.

Our program is designed to support engagement and accountability and to result in real skill development and transformation at the team and organizational level.

Not only that, learning with others outside of your agency can help people develop perspective and grow their skills even faster.

Imagine the impact in your organization of a strong group of influential leaders who are transforming their teams! Now we are talking about impacting potentially hundreds of people! Focus makes a difference. 

We know that supporting these kinds of programs can be resource-intensive. This is why we are going to help you promote the program, get your folks fully on-boarded, and support accountability and uptake by providing you with monthly engagement reports.

We are here as your partners- to help you amplify your capabilities in every way.

When your leaders develop high-performing team cultures, you’ll see success quickly! 

Team leaders can focus on their people and skills, and will see the impact of their practices swiftly and directly, creating positive reinforcement.

At the organizational level, supporting several high-performing teams at once can create massive positive change in your organization in a very short time. 


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