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"As the Global Program Manager for Learning & Leadership Development at Driscoll's, I was faced with what some may call a “herculean” effort: build a people-leader training journey that would prepare all of our people-leaders (from supervisors to executives world-wide) to lead with our values, to develop the competencies necessary to help us remain a global leader in a highly competitive market, and to strengthen our culture. This was no small task. I partnered with Claire Laughlin Consulting. Claire Laughlin and Michelle Waters deeply understand our culture and our needs. Their investment in understanding the culture, the people, the business operations, our strategy, and our challenges is what truly separates them from the rest. They came to the table as a fully committed partner, and they helped us sculpt big ideas into powerful, impactful training programs and the supportive programs we needed (like a guided online leadership course and in-person practice sessions). These programs helped our leaders turn their training into powerful daily leadership habits. Working with Claire Laughlin Consulting has been an enriching experience that has strengthened our leaders and enhanced our culture. If you’re looking for fully committed, deeply invested PARTNERS to drive change in leadership behaviors and accountability, you're in the right place!"

-Stefka Anderson
Global Program Manager for Learning & Leadership Development at Driscoll's

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