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Every three months we will pick a book and announce it, along with a date, time, and call-in number for our virtual book club meeting. You'll get the book and read on your own, and then meet up with the rest of us for a lively discussion about key concepts. Even if you haven't finished the book, you are still WELCOME to attend the discussion. Our goal is to apply key concepts to our shared leadership challenges and support each other in making a positive impact on others.


"The Best Leaders are the Best Learners"

Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner say that "the best leaders are the best learners" in their influential program called, "The Leadership Challenge." We know this is true! To be the best leaders we can be, we need to continually learn and grow. Reading alone certainly accomplishes this goal to some extent, but reading together will help you lock in your learning and hold you accountable! Let's learn from some of the many books on leadership style, theory, and practice, and become better leaders!

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Read with your fellow leaders! Once you join, you'll have access to the Leadership Book Club and the Leadership Book Club Community! A place to connect with other leaders, discuss what we're reading and bonus content! You'll receive updates including the details for the next Book Club meeting! And don't worry - even if you haven't finished the book, you're still welcome to join our discussion to learn and contribute!


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