Why Happiness?

Does your happiness really matter?

As a communication consultant and trainer, I work with many leaders and organizations on developing specific habits and practices that will help them be more effective in their work and with their teams.

So, a colleague who follows my work said to me the other day, “Claire, I don’t understand. You talk a lot about happiness. Don’t people just want you to help them be more productive and efficient? Where does happiness fit in?”

This is a great question that deserves an explanation.

Imagine you…working 40 – 50 hours per week, giving your time and heart to your job.

You…spending most of your waking hours with a leader who is NOT thinking about happiness.

  • They are NOT thinking about their own happiness nor about the impact that their moods may be having on others.
  • They are NOT thinking about YOUR happiness nor about how to create the conditions for you to experience greater fulfillment at work.
  • And they are NOT thinking about the VALUE of happiness as it relates to the overall experience of work.

How would you like to work for that person?

Now, consider the opposite.

YOU… working 40 – 50 hours per week, giving your time and heart to your job.

You…spending most of your waking hours with a leader who IS thinking about happiness.

  • A leader who acknowledges that their “state of mind” and overall well-being impacts the way they work, and the quality of their thoughts, so it is imperative to cultivate a positive state of mind.
  • A leader who knows that how they “show up” shapes the workplace culture, and therefore YOUR experience of work, and it MATTERS to them.
  • A leader who understands that positivity has a ripple effect, and want to leverage that effect for all the good it can do in your workplace and for your customers.

With whom would you rather work?

Which leader would get the best quality work from you?

Which leader would capture your commitment and creativity?

Happiness Matters.

Without a sustained commitment to cultivating a positive state of mind, many leaders will focus too heavily on “doing,” at the expense of “being.”

They will implement the latest tools and techniques only to find that they hit an invisible ceiling that limits the impact they can have– no matter how proficient they get at using their tools and techniques.

But you might be wondering, “Is this actually a problem? Isn’t everyone basically working in favor of their own happiness?”

And again, it’s a good question.

My answer is this: Some people are naturally optimistic and positive; joy and happiness come easily to them.

But even for those lucky ones, without a specific intention to cultivate and preserve the seeds of happiness, the stresses of everyday life can easily dampen our spirits and take us off course.

How many times have you been in a really good mental space, only to wake up the next day to find that your ebullience was temporary, and that gloom has settled in?

Negativity abounds, and we are predisposed to pay attention to the negative as a survival mechanism. Therefore, we must be steadfast. We must commit to cultivating happiness as a way of life, especially if we hold a position of power.

 Here is what I know for sure…

  • I want to BE a leader (friend, family member, mom) who cultivates my own happiness because no one else can do it for me, and I know that my general state of well-being impacts others.
  • I want to WORK FOR leaders who care about their own fulfillment and know that the way they “show up” makes a difference in the quality of life for their team.
  • I want to inspire YOU to think about what you can do TODAY to feel your best, soak in the good, and share more positivity with others– whether you are a formal leader or not.

Happiness Matters.

If you’re looking for more scientific research on the topic, I urge you to read Shawn Achor’s book, The Happiness Advantage. It is a great read and will convince you (I believe) that happiness can be a selfless pursuit.   

 If you’d like to join in a deeper conversation about bringing happiness to life, join my Leadership Book Club. We are talking daily about happiness habits and currently reading, Broadcasting Happiness by Michelle Gielan.

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 Meanwhile, make a commitment.

  • Think one thought that brings you pure joy, and soak in the goodness of that thought.
  • Do one thing that brings a genuine smile to your face, and repeat that action. 
  • Look for a positive solution.
  • Give appreciation to others.
  • Share some beauty. 

And let me know your thoughts. I appreciate every comment and invite the conversation. 


About the author:

Claire Laughlin is a communication consultant and trainer, ruthlessly dedicated to creating happy, high-energy workplaces! With 25 years of diverse workplace consulting and training experience, she brings energy, enthusiasm, and a positive (you might even say, “happy”) perspective to every client project. You can count on Claire to help every person develop their leadership ability and to unleash the potential in your workplace.

Contact Claire: [email protected]


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