Who will you be?

Uncategorized Dec 31, 2019

We are on the cusp of a new decade! And with it comes possibility and promise!

If you want to make a breakthrough in this New Year, ask yourself this question: “Who do I need to BE, in order to achieve what I want?” 

I love this question!

I've been asked this question several times recently, and it has really shifted my thinking. Why?

Because when we want something new, we often have to change how we THINK about ourselves. If we don't consider the implicit barriers that arise related to our self-image, then change will be much more difficult to achieve.

Bottom line? We have to show up differently if we want different outcomes. 

For example, this year, I am focused on communicating more consistently with YOU, my amazing community! 

In order to really make this shift, I'm going beyond what I normally do, which is simply adding new tasks to my list.

I'm  “re-thinking” my identity and playing around with assuming the identity of a writer.

Imagine that! What if I add “writer” to my title this year? (True confession: that feels a little uncomfortable to me. Who am I to call myself a writer?) 

But, what if I start to move in that direction? 

If I want to call myself a writer, I will have to do things differently. 

  • I’ll protect time on my calendar for writing. 
  • I’ll count the number of times I write to you each month,
  • and I’ll reward myself for completing that task.

The best part is that doing something I love– sitting with a cup of tea and writing– will become a measure of my success, rather than something that feels like a “self-indulgent luxury.” 


  • Who do you want to become in this new year? 
  • What new identity do you want to invite into your life? 

Think about these questions, and then STRETCH until you become a little uncomfortable. 

That is where you will find the new YOU. 

  • Who will you need to BE? 
  • How will you need to SHOW UP? (What behaviors will change?)
  • How will you measure your success? 
  • What behaviors will you “reward” in your new role? 

I talk with many people who want to grow in their leadership... or create better relationships at work... or be better partners at home... or be more present in their parenting... or grow into new roles in their careers... 

ALL of these shifts require us– on some level– to re-imagine ourselves, and then STEP IN into that vision. 

So tell me: who is the new you? 


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