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What You Practice Now Will Serve You Later

crisis leadership trust Mar 29, 2020

I hope that wherever you are in the world, you are using this time to the best of your ability. 

And while that is going to be different for everyone… 

I have been thinking about the things that we can strengthen and the skills and abilities that we need right now, and how those are, in fact, the same things we need all the time… 

  • Right now, we need to be able to stay connected to our own emotions and be able to observe our own emotional state. When we do that, we can be more responsible with how we interact with others. 
  • Right now, we need to be able to take care of our bodies and guide ourselves toward healthy responses to external stimuli. When we do that, we can be proactive and we can positively influence our outcomes.
  • Right now, we need to show up for others without judgement. We need to LISTEN, and demonstrate caring, and be genuinely curious about the experiences of others, so that we can connect in these difficult circumstances and so that we can learn and grow from all of this. 

These practices are ESSENTIAL right now… 

But honestly, they always were and always will be.

These are the foundational practices of leadership, of being trustworthy, and of building solid, healthy relationships.  

Iyanla Vanzant said, “the way we do one thing, is the way we do everything.” 

And if that is true, then practicing these skills of self-connection, self-care and curiosity will serve us forevermore. 


When the world begins to recover from this tragic virus and these current circumstances, these will STILL be the abilities that we need. 


Every chance you have to practice right now, will serve you later. So- my trust tip for the week is simple. 


USE this opportunity to practice, practice, practice… and strengthen the foundational self-awareness and interpersonal skills that will enhance every aspect of your life. 


Consider every hard moment a  gift because it allows you to practice again and strengthen good habits when responding to hard things. 


Send me a message or leave me a comment. Let me know what foundational skills you are practicing right now. I’d love to hear. 


BE WELL! And go be a trust builder!


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