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Be More Influential


We're loving what we're reading in the Leadership Book Club right now.

Broadcasting Happiness by Michelle Gielan and The Happiness Advantage by Shawn Achor (husband and wife team!) tell us that we are always leaving an energetic impression on others.

It can be positive, negative or neutral.

It's happening with everyone that we come into contact with.

With that in mind, we should be actively cultivating our ability to see the world in a positive light, and we should be spreading that light to others through our words and actions.

When we make small shifts in the way we view the world, we can experience the benefits of broadcasting happiness.

Three things happen when you start making these small shifts:

1. You feel better - your outlook changes and your health actually improves

2. You leave a more positive impression on others and make the world a better place

3. You become more influential - people want to be around those who leave a positive, lasting impression

What can we do to start making these small shifts today?

Tell us your thoughts!

P.S. It is SO much better to read together!

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