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leadership teamwork trust Apr 13, 2020

It's time to LEAD, and it's time to inspire!

It's time to make the best of a crazy, unpredictable situation, and SHOW-UP fully!

When you ZOOM OUT and look back at your leadership from a much broader perspective, what will you see? 

  • Will you see a leader who is CONNECTED, CONSISTENT, and CLEAR? 
  • Will you see a team that is rising to the challenge, coming together, and learning new and better ways to interact? 
  • Will you see a team that is learning and growing together? Poised for re-entry?

I hope the answer is a resounding YES to all of the above!

I've had the amazing good fortune to hear about the wonderful ways that many of my clients are leading their teams and organizations through the disruption and uncertainty that is our world right now. 

Here are a few highlights…

  • One leader is sending out weekly inspirational messages via email and video, calling forth the best in her team and sharing meaningful feedback and kudos for the sacrifices her team is making and the core values they are exhibiting. 
  • Another is offering all employees the opportunity to volunteer for food banks and other essential services, and paying them for those hours as a way of ensuring that everyone gets full pay even while the work is slow. 
  • Yet another is encouraging teams to work together to find creative solutions to spread out and share the (essential) work so that all can prioritize caring for family members in need.
  • Others are prioritizing learning opportunities for their staff– taking this time to "sharpen the saw" and learn and grow together. 
  • Others are re-grouping entirely, focusing on core competencies and writing short-term business plans that keep staff engaged and focused on meaningful work.  

Now is a time for creative, compassionate, and clear leadership.

This week, I want to magnify the inspiration. 

Share your stories with me!

How are YOU leading your team through this challenging time? 

Connect with me at [email protected] and let me know what YOU are doing so that I can highlight your efforts in a future post. 

Meanwhile- Be WELL and Stay Safe. 





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