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Proving Your Value at Work

Uncategorized Jan 10, 2021

A couple of years ago I had to apply for my own job.

I had been serving in my role as a contractor for a decade, and my employer decided it was time to make it official!

This meant opening the job to the public, and (in turn) that I would need to compete for the position against whomever (likely highly qualified individuals) threw their hats in the ring.


Just because I had been IN the position, did NOT mean that it was MINE. In fact, this offer by my employer to make things more permanent, could quite reasonably have landed me jobless.

I learned then and there that there is great value in being able to describe and calculate the "ROI" (Return-on-Investment) you bring to your role.

We simply never know- especially in these uncertain times- when our job might be threatened by a "budget cut," or (more pleasantly) when an unexpected opportunity for advancement might arise!

In either situation, being able to make the case for the value you bring to your function and organization will serve you well. (Not to mention the pride and sense of accomplishment you will feel when you can easily speak to your worth!)

But how?  

When I was faced with this situation, I hired a career coach. She helped me…

  • craft a powerful résumé that outlined my skills, strengths, and the measurable outcomes I had produced in recent years
  • put together a portfolio of projects and accomplishments
  • and craft a plan for what I could accomplish in the coming 3 years 

It was quite an exercise!

Doing this work taught me HOW to describe my value in a way that others can easily understand, and it has served me extremely well.

It also illuminated the specific areas where I needed to improve and strengthen my outcomes!

Since then, I have created annual plans that guide my work, tracked metrics for my projects, and measured myself against goals.

How about you?

If you were asked right now to apply for your own job... to make the case for why you are indispensable to your team, and what you will be contributing in the coming year, what would you say?

If this task seems daunting, you're not alone. 

But it's worth it!

Building this skill set will serve you in ways you never thought possible!

Here are 3 tips to get you started…

  1. Set clear goals that are aligned to organizational objectives. Then, keep track of progress toward the goals each month. This will force you to both plan and track
  2. Learn to think in terms of outcomes, not just activities. When you can point to the outcomes you want, not only does it make leading others much easier (especially in a remote environment), but it makes visible the things you are accomplishing. 
  3. Engage your team! Teach THEM to work this way, and your efforts will be multiplied! You'll be the team leader who gets real results!

NOW is the time to truly develop these skills. Doing so will make YOUR work more streamlined, your team more effective, and your contributions visible and more valuable. 

Are you ready to transform?  

Join me for LX EVOLVE where we will clarify your leadership contribution, teach you to craft and achieve compelling goals, and learn to lead by objective rather than by time in the seat.



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