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Trust Tip #4: Be a Proactive Problem Solver

leadership trust Feb 23, 2020

Today we are going to talk about being a proactive problem solver

What does that mean? 

Some problems are persistent. 

They have no easy solutions… and even when you think you find a solution it simply doesn’t stick. 

Some people throw up their hands in these situations!

They get frustrated, and they start looking for who to blame. 

While that might be how you feel, that is NOT the path to higher trust… 


Being a proactive problem solver means:  

  • Taking responsibility for our actions
  • NOT running away from uncomfortable situations, 
  • Seeking win-win solutions that are good for ALL 
  • And, being persistent until a solution has been reached and a plan has been made.  

AND- the real test is when you have to come back to the bargaining table repeatedly to solve a problem. 

That can be very taxing… but if you can maintain calm in these tough situations, you get bonus trust points for that!


So- think about a challenging problem… something that just seems to persist… 

That’s the real test of trust for you… that’s your next frontier to prove your trustworthiness. 

This week, I want you to think about that tough situation, and consider how you’ll show up. 

Make a plan to be a proactive problem-solver by being calm, clear, and kind, and seeking win-win solutions. 


Now go be a trust-builder!


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