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Loving "Teaming" by Amy Edmondson and the Leadership Book Club

leadership book club Apr 23, 2019

We're one month into the Leadership Book Club and I am SO excited about what we're reading in the first few chapters of Teaming by Amy Edmondson.

One standout for me is in chapter 2 when Edmondson tells a fascinating story about a patient in a hospital who is suffering and awaiting an MRI. She explains how each nurse, doctor and technician is doing their own job according to protocol and expectations, but their individual-focused approach results in a 100 hour wait for the patient. That's correct. A procedure that should take no more than 2 hours all said and done, took over 100 hours to complete because each practitioner was thinking about performing their own role, instead of thinking about their role on a team with a common goal.  

Who suffered in this example? The patient. 

This is such a great reminder for us. Even if we're working independently, our role and responsibilities can have an impact far beyond the obvious. We have to consciously draw connections between our individual tasks and the ultimate goal of our team, department, and organization.

If you're currently reading "Teaming" with us, what are your thoughts on the first few chapters? Leave a comment! We'd love to hear from you!

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