Expose Yourself! (to build trust)

Want higher trust relationships within your team?

One easy way to build it is to expose yourself. 

  • Lift the veil.
  • Lay it on the line.
  • Pull back the curtain.

Let’s face it, your team and coworkers don’t always understand WHAT you do, much less HOW you do it. So, exposing the HOW creates transparency, understanding, the opportunity for dialogue, and (you guessed it) TRUST.


One time I had to work with a lawyer on an eviction proceeding (very unpleasant!) In an early consultation, the lawyer walked me through (verbally) the very complex series of actions that I would need to take… people to see, papers to file, timelines to meet, rights and responsibilities, etc.

I asked her if she had a checklist.

“No,” she replied. “It isn’t that complicated,” she noted. 

And I thought, “Not for YOU it’s not…”

But having such a checklist would have not only made the process much more successful, but it would also have saved us both time, effort, and energy, and it would have positioned her as a competent expert who deserved my business.

Instead, it felt like there were surprises at every turn, and she definitely did NOT set us up for mutual success. 


In another case, I began work with a consultant who had a 5 page 150 item checklist that we were supposedly going to work through. The whole idea of it was completely overwhelming to me and I decided that I couldn’t commit to that much time, effort and energy.

In that case, TOO MUCH detail was overwhelming. 


Let’s face it. Your boss, team and co-workers are busy and distracted with their own work and outcomes, but would probably benefit from understanding a little more about what YOU are working on, and the BIG PICTURE of your work.   


Providing this kind of "Big Picture Clarity" will help the team feel confident that they are in good hands, and that the journey you are all on together will be worthwhile. 

It gives us all a sense of comfort, confidence, and ease when we understand the big picture we are trying to achieve, the process that we will follow, and the deadlines we are supposed to meet. 


When we know these things, it clears out the uncertainty and the question marks in our minds.


I’ll give you an example of how I do this with my clients.

I follow and share a 3-step process when I am designing a new course for a client. (Not too complicated, but not too simplistic either.)

  1. First, I gather data. (I have several avenues for doing so, and I lay those out as well.)
  2. Then, based on the data, I put together a high-level proposal complete with a course plan, outcomes, and roles and responsibilities clarified. We meet and discuss this proposal.
  3. After we agree on the details, I create a complete version of the course, and I set up a review meeting a few weeks prior to the class date so that the client knows exactly what we will cover, how we will do it, and what the materials will look like.

 This process provides clarity for all of us.

It allows my client to feel calm and confident, knowing that the class is well-thought-out and complete, and will be a good use of time for their employees. 

This not only creates a partnership, but it also leaves the impression that I have my act together, that I am a reliable source, and that I deserve their trust. (And I work diligently to make sure that is an accurate impression!)

It allows me to rest easy the night before class because everything is ready in advance.


It wasn’t always this way.


I used to recoil from providing so much detail in advance because I wanted the freedom to make changes to my class plan up until the last minute. (Or maybe I just wasn’t organized enough to plan well!)

Now, the pre-planning process helps my clients feel that “I’ve got this…” and they have no reservations about putting their trust in me.


 Are you doing the same thing with your team?


What processes and insights are you sharing with them?

In what additional ways might you pull back the curtain to build trust and confidence?

Remember, transparency builds trust. 

Expose yourself today!



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