Dreams, Intentions, Goals and Plans

In 2021 I did something I had been dreaming about for decades. I hiked into Machu Picchu. 

It was a rainy, cold day and the hike was long and steep.

I was with 2 dear friends and our amazing guide, and when I turned the corner, walked through the sun gate and saw the Citadel below, bathed in filtered light, I cried tears of joy. (Turns out, that’s a very common reaction!)

(Look closely behind us in the photo above, and you’ll see the Citadel in the distance.) 

I had been dreaming of doing this hike since I was a kid!

I had put pictures of Machu Picchu on many vision boards through the years.  

But in 2020, these friends and I were sitting around a fire, and I spoke my dream out loud. I said, “I’ve always wanted to hike to Machu Picchu.” 

Turns out, they shared the same dream. 

In that moment, our shared dream became an intention

We gathered energy around the idea.

We googled the weather patterns and found that September would be a great time to go. 

We talked about why we hadn’t done it yet, and what it would take to bring our shared dream to life. 

It was inspiring!


But the next day something very special happened. 

  • My friends did some research.
  • They found flight information and connected with others who had recently returned from Peru.
  • They collected advice on where to stay and how to find a guide. 


The specific steps and details were becoming clear. 

Our intention was turning into a goal!


A few days later, we blocked dates on our calendars, made early reservations, and started shopping for gear.

It was set!  We were going! Almost nothing could have stopped us at that point!


For years, I had never gotten past the “dream.” 

The critical shift was MAKING AN ACTION PLAN. 


I learned an important lesson right then and there: If you want to turn any dream into reality, it’s not about setting goals– it’s about MAKING PLANS and TAKING ACTION. 


Your turn! 

Think about a dream you have.

What ideas have crossed the “blue sky” of your mind many times? 

What has been lingering for days, weeks, months or years that has NOT YET come to fruition?

  • Is it a fitness goal? 
  • A travel goal? 
  • A dream about finding that elusive work/life balance? 
  • Is it about spending more quality time with family and friends? 
  • Doing a home project? 
  • Carving out time for a team offsite?  

Write it down. 

Then think about why it hasn’t yet happened. What’s really standing in your way? 

  • Are you unsure about whether it is a meaningful or worthy idea?
  • Are you perceiving barriers that you haven’t addressed? 
  • Have you simply NOT broken it down into the first few steps


I faced all of these hurdles prior to that fateful fireside chat with my friends. 

  • I thought that maybe it would be selfish for me to travel without my husband and kids. (Even though they had no interest in going.)
  • I assumed it was too far, too expensive, and too uncertain to make this trip. 
  • I simply hadn’t looked closely enough at HOW to make it happen. 

Once I paused and thought it through, it became clear: this was absolutely DO-able, and with a little planning, we were going to make it happen! 


I’ll be applying this lesson to my most important goals moving forward. 

  • I have already clarified specific dreams for this year. 
  • I have shaped my intentions. 
  • I have set quarterly goals for myself on a personal level, and for my team. 

But most importantly, I have turned my goals into PLANS, complete with powerful ACTIONS (the “needle movers”), that are going to help me get there. 

Finally, I have added those plans and actions to my calendar. 

Wish me luck! 

From here on, it’s going to take focus and discipline.

(Nope, you can't just set it and forget it!)

But we’re in this together, right? 


Let’s turn our most meaningful dreams into reality!

I’m here for you!


Leave a comment below and tell me about what YOU will bring to fruition in the coming months! 

I can’t wait to hear!


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