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Don't let stress and strain degrade your relationships!

Uncategorized Aug 02, 2020

We've all been under a lot of strain and stress for a long time, and under conditions like these it's very natural for us to sink into patterns of protectiveness and defensiveness, and even to lose our ability to really listen openly to one another and solve problems creatively.

This is hard on individuals, and it's hard on our teams and organizations.

If left unchecked, these patterns can easily degrade until small conflicts become big disputes, and sometimes even escalate into claims against one another and investigations. 

I don't want to see your workplace go through that! 

Going through an investigation can be very destructive and costly! (Both in terms of money, and morale!)

Instead I ask you to turn toward your team and provide clear expectations

Tell your team that you expect people to speak respectfully to one another, listen openly and resolve problems creatively

Beyond that, I want you to provide resources!

Don't just tell them to go figure it out on their own!

Help them build the skills they need. 

I have a course called Building a High Trust Workplace, and if you enroll before August 20th, I personally will walk you through the class over six weeks time to help you and your team establish better habits and patterns together and to build that strong foundation of trust and become the high trust team you were meant to be! 

HERE is the link

Don't miss out! I want to see you there. 

Now, go be a trust builder!


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