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Don't Let Your Team Flounder. Do These Things Today

These past few weeks of virtual meetings, working exclusively from home, and being isolated from my tribe has made something really clear for me:


Right now, we need to LEAD our teams.


This is NOT a time to be passive. 

This is NOT a time to sit back and wait. 

  • I know that things are still very uncertain. 
  • I know that people are reeling from the impact of change.
  • I know that we all face different circumstances, and that many people are focused on survival rather than on how to re-build. But, 

We are leaders. 

We need to turn toward the challenge and provide hope, encouragement  and a vision of a positive future for our people (our teams, our families, our co-workers). 


Please don't let your team flounder. 


Here are 5 things you can do TODAY: 

  1. Bring your tribe together, daily if possible!
    • Even 15 - 30 minutes will do.
    • And yes, I do mean virtually...
  2. Inspire them to work TOWARD a better future. 
    • Paint a picture of how strong and capable your team is "showing-up" during this time of adversity.
    • ASK: What are we learning together? What does this crisis help us SEE that we couldn't see before? What surprising things are we getting better at? 
  3. Refresh your commitment to your mission.
    • Don't have an inspiring mission? Craft a "crisis mission statement" to keep your team focused. 
  4. Talk about your VALUES and how to express those values in everyday behaviors.
    • Don't have clear values? Bring your team together and clarify! Follow this GUIDE to get you started
  5. Help your team prioritize, and give them something truly meaningful to work toward.
    • Think: What is the most important thing we need to accomplish this week? 
      • How about this month? 
      • How can we prepare for worst, and expect the best? 
    • Ask, "what's the most powerful action I can take today, to make progress on my most essential short and medium-term outcomes?"

Step IN to this situation, and LEAD.

And if you need help, and you want a tribe of other courageous leaders who will be with you step-by-step... Send me a reply, and keep an eye on your email. 

We will be forming a group shortly with the purpose of helping and supporting each other through this challenging time. 

I hope you'll join us!




Let's Do This Together!

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