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Who Will Fix The Trust Problem?

Uncategorized Feb 03, 2020

 Hi, I’m Claire Laughlin and if you want a happy, high energy, high functioning workplace, then stay tuned- this series of trust tips is for you!

Your Trust tip of the week is about taking full responsibility for the trust problem. 


Nobody wants to work in a low trust workplace! 


It drains our energy. 


What do we see in a low trust workplace? 

  • We see bureaucracy
  • We see rework 
  • We hear gossip
  • We see information hoarding and turf battles

And then we feel disengaged and disillusioned and, sometimes, despair


No one wants to be a part of that, but sometimes it’s hard to know what to do about it and how to make a change. We often want to deflect responsibility for something like this, and we think, 

  • “I don’t know how to fix this,” or, 
  • “I tried and he or she didn’t respond,” or, 
  • “this is bigger than me” 


And I understand all of those feelings… But if you don’t want to work in a low trust workplace- 

YOU need to take action and be part of the solution. 


Passing the buck will not serve you because when we deflect responsibility for fixing a low-trust workplace, we also deflect opportunity


The tip for today is this: I want you to take a 110% responsibility for fixing a low trust environment. 


I want you to own it!

I want you to feel personally responsible. 

Pick up that ball!


If everyone did that, we wouldn’t have any more excuses, and we wouldn’t have any more low trust in our workplaces. 


Bottom line?

Decide that it’s YOUR JOB to address the trust issue. 

Take charge and take 110% responsibility. 

Let’s work together to create a high-trust workplace. 


Now go be a trust-builder!


Let's Do This Together!

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