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Gift + Skill = Genius

(The photo above was taken from a video clip... A screenshot of the end of a race. Please forgive the poor quality! My son is the one in blue.)


It was a windy Saturday at the league track meet. The bleachers were buzzing with parental pride as kids stepped into the starting blocks, race after race, and displayed jaw-dropping strength and speed. Watching these young athletes is such a joy for me!


Whether they come in 1st or 20th doesn’t matter. (Well, not to me. ;-) 


What I see on the field is our future workforce learning how to turn their natural gifts into talents and strengths, and then put those gifts to work to achieve great things!


My son is a distance runner. He’s not a sprinter, nor a hurdler, nor a long-jumper. But he can go the distance. 


My son’s friend is a discus thrower. He’s got an arm on him that won’t quit… 


These two boys never consider changing roles on the field, and they are both very gifted! (Caveat: when they were very young, they tried all the track and field events to explore the best fit.)


Once they identified their gifts, they practiced- long and hard- building skills from the core. 

They were coached by people who helped them mold their natural gifts into real, unstoppable strength. 


And week after week during track season, they brought those strengths to the field and applied them. 


Watching them, you can see they are in the zone. Pure focus.



How often do you feel this way at work?

Like you are in the zone- honing your natural gifts into unstoppable strength? 


I’ll go out on a limb and say that most of us can only vaguely name what we might call our natural-born talents, and even fewer of us have been actively encouraged to develop our talents into real skills. Am I right? 

  • But what if we did? 
  • How would it feel? 
  • What would happen to this experience we call “work?”


And what if (dream with me here), everyone around us had developed their strengths, and we worked together so that we EACH were able to work in this Zone of Genius much more of the time, and our Zones of Genius complimented each other!!


Imagine that!


That is what I truly call the “happy, high-energy workplace!” 


People feel happy and fulfilled because they are working in a way that aligns with their natural talents and they are strengthening those gifts into real skill. 


The team is energized because when you work this way (from your zone of genius) you ARE energized! You feel unstoppable!

  • Less wasted energy and time
  • Fewer decisions that don’t stick
  • More team cohesion
  • Superior outcomes!

We spend a huge portion of our lives at work…. Why not make it more energizing? 

The good news is, you CAN!

With the WorkingGeniusTM assessment and training, you will…

  • Identify your Genius and learn a vocabulary to talk about your Genius at work
  • Map your Genius to your work activities
  • Work with your team to implement “Genius-friendly” systems and processes
  • And more!

Are you ready to perform at a higher level?

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