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Trust-Builders, DON'T QUIT!

Uncategorized May 21, 2020

If you've been watching these videos, I imagine it's because you were person who values trust and you want to have healthy, high-trust relationships.


This week I want to say THANK YOU! 


Please DON’T QUIT! 


When you are a person that invests in high-trust relationships, you know that it requires effort, vulnerability, and the long view


There's a lot that goes into building high-trust relationships– courage, willingness, self-awareness– these things are critically important and they are qualities that we need to cultivate over a long period of time.


When you are cultivating those qualities and being conscious of your communication, and making a real effort to show up well, and that effort is reciprocated by others, it feels good and it keeps us on the path because we get immediate feedback that resonates with our very core!

It’s like someone is saying, “what you are doing is working!”  and you feel the connection that comes back to you in those high-trust relationships. 


And yet, there are many relationship where we can show up at our best and they just don't feel that way. 


The other person has their own way of being in the world, and their own needs, and their own backstory, and they may or may not ever reciprocate or mirror back the high-trust that we are attempting to build. 


Not all relationships will look or feel the same. That's obvious. 


In some relationships, we may strive for building trust, but at the end of the day the other person has to OPT-IN as well. 


So, let me say: your efforts are important even if they are not reciprocated! 


When you climb into bed at night, I want you to be able to rest easy knowing that you did your best, and you showed up well, and you paid attention to the energy that you brought to others.


I want you to soak in the fact that you were self-aware, and had some humility, and asked for forgiveness, and all the other things we do to demonstrate our trustworthiness. 


It’s the quality of our character that allows us to build trust with others. 


We will make mistakes, and we will screw it up, but if you can stick to the path, that's golden!


  • I appreciate you! 
  • Please don't quit! 
  • The world needs more trust-builders!
  • The world needs people committed to the path of self-awareness, courage and willingness to stay connected.


Please, stay the course!

Keep coming back week after week.


Leave me a comment and let me know how trust-building is going for you. I want to hear your voice. How does trust show up in your life? 


Keep up the good work! 



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