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Learn to Design High-Impact, Transformational Workshops Every time!

Ignite a demand for your services, and build your training business by turning your audience into raving fans!

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The BeAnAmazingTrainerTM

course design method will help you deliver transformational workshops, easily & consistently.


As a trainer, you know the challenge of creating high-impact, wow-factor courses.

You probably spend a lot of time designing your course, without knowing what really works and what will bring your audience back for more.

Wonder no more!

My name is Claire Laughlin, and I am a career trainer and consultant. I have been teaching and training about my passion – communicating at work – for over 24 years. I have taught hundreds of different courses to thousands of participants. I do it full time, I earn a great living, I have amazing flexibility, and I love what I do.

You can, too.

The BeAnAmazingTrainer™ course will teach you a design method that is the result of decades of experience, all wrapped up in an anytime/anywhere, 6-module online course.

Make a lasting impact

Your trainees will remember and USE what they learn from you. 

Stand out above the rest

With "wow-factor" courses that create a buzz and build your reputation.

Build your business!

Spend your time teaching, not marketing! Watch the referrals pour in. 

"After retiring from the corporate world, I thought it would be easy to put together a few lesson plans and be a great trainer. That was a mistake. Many wasted hours later, I realized that I didn’t know how to design a succinct and powerful class that made use of my knowledge and experience. This is when BeAnAmazingTrainer™ came to the rescue! The concepts I learned changed everything. Now I’m confident in my lesson plans and looking forward to my new career as a trainer."

– Robert Rashkin, Retired VP of Strategy and Planning, and Corporate Trouble-Shooter

The BeAnAmazingTrainer course design method delivers a distinct advantage—everything you need to design courses that build your business and reputation as a dynamic, highly-engaging workshop leader so that business comes to you!

Lesson 1: Who are YOU as a Trainer?

In this lesson, you’ll connect with your passion and put it to work to differentiate yourself among the sea of other trainers.

Lesson 2: Who is Your Audience?

You’ll learn to understand and meet the needs of your audience members in a whole new way, and you’ll discover the keys to true transformation.

Lesson 3: MIT & Building Blocks

You’ll learn to craft the “Most Important Take Away” for your class, and use it as a guide to “curate” the perfect building blocks for your course.

Lesson 4: Crafting Outcomes and Processes

You’ll get specific about your course design and you’ll create the high-impact exercises that will “wow” your participants and create transformation.

Lesson 5: Opening, Closing, and the Storyline

You'll learn to engage your audience immediately with a powerful opening, weave a storyline through your course that improves your impact, and leave your audience wanting more.  

Lesson 6: Nuts and Bolts

Finally, you’ll bring it all together in a roadmap and outline so that you can replicate your amazing courses for years to come!

Who is this course for?

Anyone who wants to BeAnAmazingTrainer! If you develop in-person workshops and training events, this course is for you!

Experts in any field

You're a passionate expert with enthusiasm and knowledge, but you need to learn how to design a training course that transforms!

Trainers, Facilitators & Workshop Presenters

You're ready for a refresh and you want a better way to develop and deliver content that gets rave reviews!

Learning & Development Professionals

You're ready to accelerate your career, fire up your training team, and make positive change happen in your organization!


Join the BeAnAmazingTrainer™ course and learn my proven system for designing high-impact, transformational training courses.

You May be Wondering…

If you’re already a trainer then you know a lot! But even the most seasoned trainers have told us that this system is so positive and so powerful that they wish they had been using it all along. Our methods are unique and transformational, and they go far beyond what most courses teach when it comes to training design.

Also, in our experience there is always more to learn, and always an opportunity to sharpen your skills. Being part of our class and connecting with a community of passionate trainers is a great way to develop yourself further, open new doors, and accelerate your advancement.

It’s simple- when you enroll, you’ll get immediate access to all of the course modules, the workbook, bonuses, and templates, and you’ll also be invited to participate in Q&A live (members-only) webinars for the duration of the open class period. Attending these webinars will give you a chance to ask the questions that are on your mind, hear first hand about how to put your learning to work, and learn from your instructors and colleagues.

And, if you are one of the first 10 people to enroll, you’ll also get a 1:1 review of your course Roadmap or Outline by me, Claire Laughlin, the creator of the BeAnAmazingTrainer™ course.

This is more than just an online course. It’s an opportunity for you to get personal input and feedback on the courses you design.

During the open course session (which will last about 10 weeks) you can attend as many Q&A live webinars as you like, receive recordings of all calls, and engage with our Online Community! You can ask questions, hear from others who are learning, and get help and advice from Amazing Trainers worldwide!

Once you enroll, you’ll have immediate access to all course modules and the BeAnAmazingTrainer™  workbook. You can get started immediately! Our only recommendation is that you have a specific topic in mind that you’d like to build into a class. That way, you can put the course to work for you starting day 1.

And that is ALL you’ll need to do to prepare.

This is a hard question to answer, because it depends on your level of experience with designing training. If you have designed courses in the past, then I recommend that you complete 1 - 2 modules per week during your design process and that means you'll have a completed course in 3 - 6 weeks. 

That said, you can certainly "binge watch" and create a course in a day or two if you are really fired up!

Again, tough to answer, since being Amazing isn't ONLY about how you design your course. But when you design your course using these principles, you will be set up for success. Then, all you need to do is focus on connecting with your audience and demonstrating your excitement and enthusiasm. 


Amazing trainers are those who can help their trainees transform, by designing multi-layered learning experiences, and by hitting that “sweet-spot” where trainees have both the insight they need, and the pathway to action that allows them to grow, learn and develop.

Amazing trainers do this with confidence and poise, and can achieve their objectives in each and every class.

  • Gone are the days of, “shoot, I only covered half of my material!”
  • Gone are the days of, “I don’t feel ready!”
  • Gone are the days of feeling “out of control” of the class design.

Instead, you’ll feel confident with your design and you’ll rest easy the night before class, knowing that everything will go smoothly and that your audience will have a break-through experience!

Clearly, I cannot make ANY promises about your earning potential. That would be silly! But…

There are lots of people who call themselves trainers, facilitators and workshop leaders, but few who have the background knowledge and support to stand out from the crowd.

I cannot guarantee that you’ll make more money, but when you’re an Amazing Trainer, you’ll make a noticeable and positive impact on your trainees, and they will tell their friends, which should positively impact the demand for your services.


Join the BeAnAmazingTrainer™ Online Course!

When you join, you’ll learn the same methodology I’ve used to create hundreds of transformational, highly interactive, grand-slam training courses, and the same process I’ve used to coach hundreds of trainers, all in this 6-module Online Course.


Let’s face it. Not understanding the method behind transformational course design may already be costing you a LOT!

  • You wonder if your course design will really work for your audience.
  • Your participants are underwhelmed with your course and tell their friends about their disappointment.
  • You lose the opportunity to gain fans (who will spread the word about you and your classes).
  • You spend your time marketing instead of connecting with your audience.
  • Your business lags, and you don’t know why.

"I can’t believe how much this course has helped me! Even as an experienced trainer, I learned so much and got re-energized about my work. I am creating my next course using the BeAnAmazingTrainer™ Design Method!"

-Brenda Bettaglio, Emotional Integration and Energetic Clearing Practitioner

Join the BeAnAmazingTrainer™ Online Course. 

If you were to hire Claire as your personal training coach, it would cost well over $3500 for this package. You'll get all the benefits of this method, for a fraction of the price!

We’ve taken the same methodology used to create hundreds of amazing, highly interactive, grand-slam training courses, and the same process used to coach hundreds of trainers, and packaged it into this 6-module Online Course.

Don’t take our word for it– see what our customers have to say!

At Driscoll’s, we needed to empower dozens of people to teach hundreds of their colleagues new skills and processes associated with our new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) platform. We wanted our trainers to not only know the system but also know how to really design and deliver training that was exciting and dynamic. We needed an approach that was easy to adopt and effective. We turned to BeAnAmazingTrainer™. This system for training trainers is powerful, unique, and fun!

I highly recommend Claire Laughlin's  BeAnAmazingTrainer™ method to any organization that wants to be sure their internal trainers can design and deliver great training in any subject.

-Kim Calvo, Change Management Manager

I’m a neuroscience specialist, and I wanted to build my business by turning my expertise into dynamic workplace training courses. Claire has helped me design a library of highly engaging courses. My clients are thrilled! Now my content really comes to life in the training room and stands apart from the content that other people in my field are offering. I feel confident when I enter the room, knowing that my class plan is solid and transformational!

-Sophia Kristjannson, Founder and CEO, Lexicon Leadership Group

I’ve delivered training for many years as a human resources professional. I was looking for ways to improve participant engagement and interest in the subject matter. After taking the BeAnAmazingTrainer™ course, I have all kinds of tools and techniques that have improved my training courses significantly! My trainees are engaged and excited, and they are coming back for more!

-Vicki Miranda, SPHR Executive and Business Consultant

I want you to be Amazing!

I want to help you demystify the design process, make a bigger impact, and start growing your business.

I guarantee that you’ll leave the BeAnAmazingTrainer  Course with exactly what you need to design a course for impact! And I want you to be completely satisfied, or you can get your money back within 30 days of purchase.

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