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Turn Your Passion into Profitable Workshops!

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To be an Amazing Trainer, you need more than a great connection with your audience. You need a well-designed course plan – one that IGNITES transformation!

Without a transformational design, you run the risk of delivering a "ho-hum" workshop experience and losing your audience and clients over time.

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Cut through the noise and clutter. Deign your training to be memorable and meaningful. Deliver an "Ah-HA" experience for your trainees. 

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Don't be typical. Generate a buzz! Differentiate yourself as a trainer and create added value for your audience. 

Build Your Business

Don't kid yourself. Delivering a lackluster product will eventually kill your business. If you want to generate demand and grow your brand, then design for transformation!

Claire Laughlin


Claire Laughlin, MA, is a dynamic and engaging trainer and consultant who uses experiential and innovative methods to help business leaders, teams and organizations become more engaged, high-energy workplaces. With every client, she seeks to build individual leadership potential, teach positive communication habits, and enhance trust among and between team members.

As an independent consultant and trainer with over 20 years of diverse experience, Claire brings a background in management, a relentless dedication to transformation, and a passion for improving relationships and employee engagement to all of her work.

Claire’s specialties include: Leadership development, facilitation skills to enhance engagement for mid-level managers, self-management skills that lead to higher personal effectiveness, and teaching trainers.

Claire’s latest endeavor, the BeAnAmazingTrainer Course, focuses on helping content experts turn their knowledge into dynamic and transformational training courses.

Turn Your Passion into Profitable Workshops!

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